Oklahoma Primary Care Association

Our Mission

Strengthening access to affordable community-based health care through advocacy, education and technical assistance.

What We Do

Oklahoma Primary Care Association (OKPCA) is dedicated to providing assistance to members, partners and the public on community health centers and safety-net providers across the state.  The association assists Oklahomans through various community outreach and advocacy activities.  Additionally, OKPCA provides educational and technical assistance services to members and other health care providers across the state.  The association focuses on developing communities and providing assistance to Boards that keep safety-net providers in the state.  OKPCA provides support to communities for medical, dental and behavioral health recruitment and retention activities, along with continuing education and assistance on clinical quality and health information technology standards.  Get more information by downloading our brochure.  For more information visit www.okpca.org


Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians 

Build a strong Oklahoma

Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Your Voice Matters

Our elected representatives hear from special interests all the time. We have to make sure that they also hear from us.
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Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Be your Best

Your patients are counting on you to give them the best care possible—making Family Medicine the most rewarding medical specialty.
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Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

We are Stronger Together

When you come to OAFP events you strengthen the community of family physicians in our state. Make sure they are on your calendar.
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Make a Difference

Medical students become family physicians because they want to provide the full breadth of medicine to their patients.

Continuing education

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is how you keep your commitment to give your patients the best care possible – every time. We live in an age when what is possible is continually expanding. It takes a significant investment of time and energy to stay on top of it all.

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What we offer

The American Academy of Family Physicians offers a wide array of CME that is evidence-based, unbiased, and focused on you and your patients. You can choose from live courses, self-study options, subscriptions, and more.

AAFP Membership

Oklahoma Academy of Family Physicians

Be a part of something big

Attending OAFP meetings is also a great way to support and be supported by the community of family physicians working with you to build a strong Oklahoma.

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CME is more than a requirement.
It’s the core of what being a family physician is all about.

To learn more visit www.okafp.org


Oklahoma Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

Mission Statement (New in Oct 2015)

  • To enhance and promote the unique and multifaceted contribution of the Clinical Nurse Specialist to population health from wellness to acute care;

  • to advance the practice of nursing;

  • and to improve the effectiveness of healthcare systems.

Our Goal

  • to address topics impacting the advance practice of the CNS

  • to increase visibility of CNSs through participation on appropriate state and local committees

  • to act as a resource group and provide continuing education programs for the CNS

  • to support the coalition of advanced practice groups, such as CNSs, ARNPs, CRNAs and CNMs.


To learn more about joining as a member, events, news, and career opportunities visit www.oacns.org


Oklahoma Academy of Physician Assistants

The Resource Center contains information that is important to the Physician Assistant practicing in Oklahoma. For more information on resources for/on membership and benefits, events, students, legislative, physicians, leadership and resources visit www.okpa.org To contact email at OAPA.


Oklahoma Orthopedic Association

An Oklahoma Corporation and a true voluntary professional association, it continues to exist to promote the causes, purposes, and goals of the osteopathic profession in Oklahoma. It is a state organization OF physicians of osteopathic medicine (DOs), BY osteopathic physicians, and FOR osteopathic physicians. The OOA premise that the individual's interests are best served with a unified effort and support in an Association. Nearly all Oklahoma's 1,962 DOs, as well as 293 residents, 5 interns and 360 osteopathic medical students are members of the Oklahoma Osteopathic Association.

For more information on benefits on/for members, students/residents, legislation, events , CME, affiliations and career center visit  www.okosteo.org


Oklahoma State Medical Association

Together We Are Stronger!

In partnership with your local county medical society and the American Medical Association, the Oklahoma State Medical Association is your best and most effective advocate for you, your patients, and our profession. 

Vision: To be an effective advocate on issues of primary importance to Oklahoma patients and their physicians. 

Mission: To promote the welfare of patients, the science and art of medicine, the betterment of public health, and the mutual interests of component societies.

To learn more about OSMA, news and events, government affairs, member resources and publications visit www.osmaonline.org