The Oklahoma Primary Healthcare Extension System (OPHES) is made up of the multiple independent certified County Health Improvement Organizations (CHIOs) across the state of Oklahoma.  Membership in OPHES increases visibility, credibility, and access to a wide variety of resources beyond those traditionally available to Turning Point and other community partnerships and coalitions.

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               The Oklahoma Primary Healthcare Extension System

                       Federal Funding                                                                                          State Funding

                     Federal Agencies.jpg     Oklahoma's Academic Health Centers.jpg      Oklahoma Colleges and Universities.jpg   State Agencies.jpg

                   Oklahoma Foundation for Medical Quality.jpg         CHIO Top.jpg        Oklahoma Center for Healthcare Improvement.jpg

                    Public Health Institute of Oklahoma.jpg        CHIO Bottom.jpg        Community Service Council of Greater Tulsa.jpg

                                         Professional Assoc..jpg      Federal Foundations.jpg    State Foundations.jpg     

                    Local Public Funding                                                                                     Private Funding        

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